Backstreet Boys in Reno!

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This was our moment of silence for Danny Lee, the boys' crew member who died on the first plane that hit the WTC on Sept 11.


"Time" - this was the first time I'd seen this done without the catwalk!


And they all sat down on the edge of the stage and had fun!


The boys also added "America the Beautiful" to the setlist... and they did an awesome job!!!

Then Nick took over on drums, AGAIN, for "The Answer to our Lives".   Did I mention I love drummers???  sigh.


"You're my shining star..."


And now, AJ has joined in with Nick on the bootay shake!  Not that AJ has one!  LOL!


Kev's leaving the stage as he turns over band introductions to Nick, who's got a towel on his head... don't ask... 


AJ & Kevin.


Another NEW thing... Nick and AJ did this little thing to Nsync's BYE BYE BYE... it was HILARIOUS!  


And THIS shot took me 8 concerts to perfect!  Notice, that most of the boys are midflight from being popped out of the stage by the toaster things!  VERY COOL!!!!  Nick is on the far left in the red wig and Brian is next to him in a blue wig.  Yeah, I think "Backstreet's BACK!"


A better shot of Nick and Brian in their wigs.  They crack me up!  sigh.


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