Backstreet Boys in Reno!

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"What Makes You Different" and Nick is jamming up there!!!


Yes, again, the guys are really "More Than That"!


Can you tell I LOVE this song? ;-)  But heck it's the last time I would see it done live this way.  


Nick and AJ "want it that way


The guys should really "Quit Playing Games" - notice that AJ is just chilling up there!  


"I can't get you out of my head" - Nick 


"As long as you love me"


They're so happy the tour is almost over that they're breaking out the bongos!  ;-)

And they are announcing it's time to let the games begin!  heheh...


Nick and Brian (wow, he was there???!) discuss the plan as Big Daddy Kev looks on... 


Nick's got a head start on the rest of 'em... :-)


And, now it's just the AJ and Kev show.


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