Sights of Reno and Lake Tahoe

Welcome to California!


Gorgeous Aspens


Driving to Tahoe on the California side


Garwood's Bar & Grill (Wedding Night)


The Pier


Emily, Liz and Dave (after dinner)


Friday's boat ride and some of the friends we made


A hot air balloon over Lake Tahoe


More geese!


Another new friend!


Liz taking a pic of Dave, his sis Stephanie and her hubby


A view of the lake from the boat dock


A lesser chipmunk!  CUTE!


More friends!  This time it's jets patrolling the skies!


A gorgeous shot


A view of a landslide from years ago


Ann leaning on the boat rails enjoying the ride


Entering Emerald Bay


A little island in Emerald Bay


You can kinda see the remains of the stone "tea house" on top of the island


A castle at the edge of Emerald Bay


More scenery


Isn't this just gorgeous?


More Aspens in California and a creek


Downtown Carson City


More Carson City


The sunset over Reno Friday night

And a last shot of the sunset!


Downtown Reno outside Harrahs' casino


More of Harrahs'