The Best of...   The Bahamas - 35mm film photos

These were mostly shot with an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 with the exception of a couple of the dolphin shots which were with one of those disposable waterproof cameras. 


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Crabs. They have mad looking faces.

A mural on the ceiling in this same room with the crabs.

More of the mural.

A dolphin jumping out of the water. This was in the "Swim with the Dolphin" Encounter. We didn't do that one. Nick and Jessica did though.

My future home. lol!

So, this is Rich going down the water slide on the Mayan Temple. NOT.

One of my awesome postcard shots of Atlantis.

Just a gorgeous view. This is out by the beach on Paradise Island.

Sunset on the sailboat. Mother Nature blessed us with a few clouds to make things interesting.

How awesome?! Look at the pinks and blues.

Look! It's Shawn the Dolphin. Mere feet from Rich and I.

Isn't that water gorgeous?!

A cloudy morning at the beach.

Rich with a new buddy.

An understhot of the Manta Ray.

Looking up at Atlantis from one of the water tunnels.

A nice shot from our room of the bridge suite and part of the Royal Towers.

A wall mural in The Dig.

A live fish 'painting' in The Dig.

The Mayan Temple on a cloudy day. Note the color of the ocean behind it. It's kind of a gray color now.