The Best of...   The Bahamas - Digital Photos

These were mostly shot with an Olympus C50 digital camera.


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Are we there YET??!! Ann, Sunday morning at the Nashville Airport waiting for the plane.

Sunrise the first morning there. This is looking north out of our room towards the Atlantic Ocean. That's another part of the Coral Towers on the left side.

Ann... looking even smaller than normal sitting in the HUGE throne! I about couldn't get down. lol!!

A cool shot of the sunlight filtering thru the water with some fish.

Sharks! 2 of them! I'm glad there's glass between us.

A Spotted Sting Ray. Or as Rich called him - Mr. Binary cause of the 1's and 0's on his back.

Just another shot that is postcard worthy.

The Bahamians have a funny sense of humor. This was seen on the Atlantis property.

This will be "January" in my 12 months of palm trees calendar. lmao!!!!

A nice shot of the ocean.

Sunset. This was shot outside Atlantis down by the marina at Harborside.

A pretty crescent moon.

Sunrise on Tuesday morning.

The underside of a Sting Ray.

A shot of Atlantis from the sailboat. It's bathed in pink light from the sunset.


Another gorgeous shot.