I love to surf the net! Here are a few of the cool and interesting sites out there...


last updated: December 15, 2004

News and Weather

USA Today
WHNT Channel 19 in Huntsville, AL (CBS Affiliate)
Intellicast weather and national radar
AL Live news for Alabama --  Huntsville, Birmingham, and Mobile
Nashville Tennessean newspaper from Nashville

Useful Links

United States Postal Service -- great for ZIP+4 code lookups!  Buy stamps online and don't stand in line!!!!
Edmund's Auto Buyer's Guides buying a new car or trading an old one?  check here for pricing
The White House
Yahoo! Finance good for tracking stocks
What Time is It?  US Naval Observatory time clock, in case you'd like to check your watch...
Reverse Phone Lookups from Freeality, a cool site when you get unknown phone numbers and you can also do all sorts of other lookups
File Extensions (yes, I am a GEEK... ever got a file attachment and wondered what in the heck you use to open it?  this site will tell you!
Time and Date.com
Internet Movie Database - ever wanted to know who was in a movie?  here's the site for you!
yes.net - Heard a song on the radio and wonder who sings it? Check here!
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Computer Stuff

HiWAAY Internet Provider  this is one of our ISPs
Pegasus Mail (a cool email program) that I used before I found Outlook 98, a nice alternative to Microsoft's email programs
Dell Computers
Symantec for Norton Antivirus updates, info on the latest computer viruses and hoaxes
DataFellows another hoax information website
Snopes- Urban Legends and Hoax Reference site
Computer Incident Advisory Capability more virus and hoax info
Palm home of the original Palm Pilot
Handspring the next Palm
Palm Gear - THE place to get freeware and shareware for your Palm
Zone Alarm - Personal Firewall for your home computer
Spy Sweeper - Spyware cleaner


Amazon THE cool place to get CDs, books, videos, and DVDs, clothing, kitchen stuff, you name it -- Amazon probably has it now


Law & Order one of the best shows out there


Family Tree Maker Online
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet 


Shahala - Liz's bellydancing page
The Olivers' Home Page (see the cutest Triplets!)
The Seitzs
Dancing Fish - page done by a friend of Rich's uncle with LOTS of cool underwater pics!

Other Cool Links

Keith Urban Fans
Max It Out
Digital Photography Review
Thomas Kinkade
On a Stick.. the comedy of Jeff Dunham
Travels with Samantha beautiful scenic photography
Willie P. Richardson (Phone Pranks)
Von Braun Center - Huntsville's civic center
Elton John one of my longtime favorite artists
The Digital Bits - lots on info on DVD releases
Whitworth Animal Clinic - Shelby's new vet